Pingxiang City Central New Material Co. Ltd. was founded in 2006, covers an area of 120000 square meters, specializing in the production of zirconium aluminum silicate ceramic abrasive and wear resistant ceramic lining board, superfine aluminum hydroxide flame retardant, all kinds of chemical filler, ceramic catalyst. Ceramic abrasive is the leading products of the company products, good sphericity, low wear, widely used in all kinds of non metallic minerals (such as kaolin, heavy calcium carbonate), paint, paint, dye, titanium dioxide, ultrafine grinding and dispersion characteristics of ink. Wear resistant ceramic is the company's core product, has the advantages of high density, high wear resistant, convenient installation, is an ideal material for steel mills, power plants, mines, ports, docks, material handling system, anti abrasion and dust removal equipment.      The company regards the progress of science and technology as the soul of enterprise development, the introduction of advanced equipment at the same time also attaches great importance to the cultivation of...

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Contact:Mr. Cheng、李毅偉
Mobile:13655712603 、13426699508
Email: [email protected]
Address:Industrial Park, Luxi County, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province


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